Activity Stream

REVAMP plenary meeting in Stockholm

Two of our members, Francisca Pérez and Jaime Font attended the REVAMP meeting that was held in Stockholm. There, we had the opportunity to discuss with our REVAMP partners about the current state of the project and future challenges.

Attendance @ CAiSE 2017

One of our members, PhD Student Raúl Lapeña, attended CAiSE 2017 at Essen (Germany) this past summer. There, he participated in the talks and activities, and presented a poster at the CAiSE 2017 Forum session.

Attendance @ SPLC 2016

Two of our members, PhD Students Jaime Font and Raúl Lapeña, attended SPLC 2016 at Beijing (China) on September 2016. There, they participated in the talks and activities, and presented a full paper at the conference main track.

Attendance @ CAiSE 2016

One of our members, Francisca Pérez, attended the conference CAiSE 2016 at Ljubljana (Slovenia). There, she presented the paper entitled "Comprehensibility of Variability in Model Fragments for Product Configuration" and she participated in the talks and activities.

Attendance @ SANER 2016

Lorena Arcega travelled to Japan where she took part in SANER 2016: 23rd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering that was held in Osaka. Lorena presented a paper on the research she is currently undertaking as part of her PhD...

The VARIAMOS Project starts now!

The benefits of software variability management are very appealing. Unfortunately, they come at the expense of a strong up-front investment. Our goal is to lower the barrier of entry. Thanks to Spanish National Plan for Research for funding our project!